Special Announcement

    A momentus decision with reference to the victim students of the most fatally epidemic Covid 19 (particularly who are confronting abjectly monetary crisis) in an emergency meeting of the Managing Committee of Cordova Int'l School & College held recently has unanimously been adopted. The decision reads as follows:

    1. The students who did not take part in our Online Schooling Program held in 2020 shall be allowed to resume their study in the same classes on the regular Monthly Tuition Fee basis.

    2. The students refraining from the Online Schooling Program as well as from the Final Examination 2020, presently willing to maintain the next classes in 2021, shall be permitted to fulfill their desire by completing the school's New Admission procedure only.

    This is worth-mentioning here that the aforementioned students must complete the ‘Special Education Package 2020’ within three months to face the ‘Evaluation Board’.