From The Desk of The Honourable Chairman

On behalf of the administration and faculty, it gives me great pleasure to welcome parents and students to Cordova Int’l School & College. The commitment of our school to our children has become a tradition in Bangladesh. This year, we have decided the following motto to implement:

A co-educational environment.

  • Tenured and highly experienced teachers.
  • Academic support from the famous schools in UK.
  • Standardized activities formulated by our education research team.
  • Student involvement in the works in building leadership in them.
  • Project based education for science and mathematics.
  • Task based language learning system.
  • Priority on the informal assessment along with formal one.
  • Practice of multiculturalism for globalization.
  • Compulsory and more functional ICT knowledge.
  • Syllabus and curriculum integration with the schools in UK and USA.
  • Our goals may be hard but not unattainable! We prepare our students for higher educational institutions.

    We provide an excellent quality of education in a positive learning environment. We teach good citizenship to help strengthen the student’s identity and ability to participate in multicultural and multilingual society. We highly emphasize on moral and behavioural discipline of the learners. We maintain high standards through round the clock observation and implementation of the policies.

    We expect your full cooperation and support for our school to implement the upcoming programs supported by the enthusiasm and the ever relentless efforts of our qualified teachers. The career development of the students is very important to us. We shall leave no stone unturned in paving the way for them to excel and be prepared for higher education in the world famous universities with proper knowledge. In the meantime a lot of Universities in UK, Canada, Australia and USA are going to declare them as our guardians.

    I sincerely express my thanks to all the parents, friends, students and patronizers who always support us with important suggestions, regular visits, speaking well of ours and warm thoughts. Here at Cordova Int’l School & College we consider all of you as our family members!

    Saleh Uddin Ahmed

    Founder and Chairman

    Cordova Int’l School & College

    From the Desk of The Honourable Principal

    Founded in 2001 Cordova Int'l School & College (CISC) emerged on the earth with a bizarre catchphrase i.e. getting students well educated, well human being in addition to well citizens of the country. With a view to materialising the trio focuses of its watchword this A' level English Medium institution registered with the UK regulatory board Edexcel has framed its education system and subsequently its teaching mode to keep pace with the International standard.
    The CISC has furnished its education in line with the typical blend of the triad. Accountability, transparency and competence are the burden of speech of its striking learning. Utmost considerate and partaking has reached this feted institution towards the summit in terms of all arenas such as socio-education-politico--economic. As learning English gets imperious, morality and domestic culture develops alike prioritised which fetches education precision in the truest sense of the term. Our education comprises our own culture, history and tradition coupled with morality and modernity in toto.
    The cardinal feature of our learning system is keeping the learners under the concentrated care round the clock so as to explore the latent faculty from them over and above building them up as moral charactered men or women. The CISC has in the interim brought about trust and confidence in the minds of the students in conjunction with their parents by turning up a revolution in the field of learning with the teaching par excellence being offered by its dexterous and well qualified teaching faculty under the aegis of painstaking and proficient administration monitoring round the clock.
    English is indispensable for everybody across the globe to meet the contemporary global demand. There is no choice for anybody to sidetrack this international language in a bid to safeguard anybody's identity as well as dignity. This institution from its very initiation is preoccupied with augmenting its quality of education to the optimum level.
    Its IGCSE & IAL results deserve ovation at home and abroad. In the meantime the British Council has exceedingly eulogised the Cordova for its student's outstanding results in the IGCSE and IAL Examinations every year. Registered with Dhaka Education Board the renowned English Medium institution has an amusing atmosphere of extra-curricular activities like Annual picnic, Annual sports & Prize giving ceremony, English language carnival, class party, students' day, class concluding ceremony, art competition and so on. It has a number of clubs like English Language, Science, debating clubs, Science, and computer labs. Rich library, play zone etc. are the silent fascination of the CISC.
    The Cordova's virtual classes along with all sorts of tests stand undeniably on the world standard which is being administered on the cutting-edge but very effective Microsoft Teams.
    Concisely, Cordova Int'l School & College stays an educational institution par excellence. It is at the moment a commotion in the realm of learning all over the globe crossing the edge of our adored mother land.

    Sabbir Uddin Ahmed


    Cordova Int’l School & College