History of Cordova


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In the reign of Umayyad caliph Malik only 60 Muslim soldiers headed by Tariq directed by then Muslim Commander Musa bin Nusair reached Spain, heart of Europe, and afterwards miserably defeated Spanish king Roderick.Thus Muslim rule was introduced in Spain. During Muslim expedition in Spain the entire Europe was dark. Just after victory in Spain, Muslims played a pioneering role particularly in different realms of learning. They first set up two historic universities in Cordova and Granada in Spain with a view to spreading light of knowledge among the ignorant, uncivilized and uncultured inhabitants there. The contribution of these two universities called Cordova and Granada was epoch-making and unforgettable.


To commemorate the remarkable role of then Muslims in education in particular the word ‘Cordova is chosen as the title of the English Medium International School & College. The Cordova Int’l School & College is pledge-bound to revive the lost glory of Muslims in education.