English Language & Literature

What I think is what I do

Since joining Cordova Int’l School & College, I have consistently sought the most effective ways to teach students and give them a solid foundation. I’ve discovered that a student’s interest in a particular subject often stems from a strong introduction by the teacher. Therefore, I am a firm believer in simplified teaching methods. I always attempt to present the same subject in diverse ways. A significant aid in this has been my experience stepping in for other teachers during their absences, which often proved successful. When students began to request that I teach the subject full-time, I grasped their reasons. I advised the specific teacher on my approach, and more often than not, it was successful.

Such successes inspired me to push further. Recognising my dedication, the school authorities entrusted me with overseeing the education department—a significant responsibility. To stay updated with modern teaching trends, I enrolled in a private university and found it highly beneficial. Subsequently, I expanded my horizons internationally. Our Edexcel country manager, Mr Saidur Rahman, an exemplary individual, facilitated my introduction to the global teachers’ community, ensuring no issue remained unresolved.

I am profoundly grateful to numerous teachers worldwide who have persistently aided me in refining teaching methodologies, curricula, and other resources. I also owe a debt of gratitude to educational websites such as Teachit, BIE, PBL, Teacher Network, and others. I deeply respect the insights and writings of educators and teachers globally. The saying goes, ‘Great minds think alike’. On several occasions, while pondering a particular issue, I’ve stumbled upon discussions on blogs addressing the exact concern. I am thankful for such serendipity.

Currently, I am engrossed in the idea of fostering International School Relationships. I am optimistic about receiving insightful responses online. I believe someone, somewhere, will take the initiative to weave International Schools into a cohesive network. I eagerly await a voice to rise, a hand to extend, hoping that others will join in unity, paving the way for a global educational neighbourhood.

Mohammed Amzad Hossain

Coordinator, Department of English.