Cordova International School & College: Embracing a Holistic Educational Approach with Bloom's Taxonomy

At Cordova International School & College, we are proud to implement an educational model grounded in the renowned Bloom’s Taxonomy framework. This approach is integral to our commitment to providing a comprehensive and dynamic learning environment for our students.

Our curriculum is thoughtfully structured around the six core stages of Bloom’s Taxonomy, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience that nurtures and develops every aspect of our students’ intellectual capabilities.

  • Remembering: We begin by encouraging our students to absorb and recall fundamental information, laying a strong foundation for all future learning.
  • Understanding: Moving beyond memorization, our students are guided to grasp the meanings, significance, and underlying principles of the information they learn.
  • Applying: Our teaching methodologies then focus on practical application, enabling students to use their knowledge in varied, real-world scenarios.
  • Analyzing: We cultivate critical thinking by teaching our students to break down complex concepts into understandable components, fostering deeper comprehension and analytical skills.
  • Evaluating: Our approach emphasizes the importance of judgment and decision-making, guiding students to form well-reasoned evaluations and critiques based on established criteria.
  • Creating: Finally, at the pinnacle of our educational model, we encourage creativity and innovation, inspiring our students to synthesize their learning into original ideas, solutions, and creations.

  • At Cordova International School & College, we believe that this comprehensive approach, rooted in Bloom’s Taxonomy, not only enriches the academic journey of our students but also prepares them to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, and innovative leaders in an ever-evolving global society.

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