Half Yearly / Final Examination
January Session

Class Routine for the January Session

STD I January Neptune
STD I January Venus
STD I January Pluto
STD II January Alpha
STD II January Beta
STD III January Jupiter
STD III January Uranus
STD IV January
STD VI January
STD VII January
IGCSE January Part One
IGCSE January Part Two
July Session

Class Routines for All the Classes

STD I July Session
STD V July
IGCSE Part One July
IGCSE Part Two July Session

Cordova International School & College: Embracing a Holistic Educational Approach with Bloom's Taxonomy

At Cordova International School & College, we are proud to implement an educational model grounded in the renowned Bloom’s Taxonomy framework. This approach is integral to our commitment to providing a comprehensive and dynamic learning environment for our students.

Our curriculum is thoughtfully structured around the six core stages of Bloom’s Taxonomy, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience that nurtures and develops every aspect of our students’ intellectual capabilities.

  • Remembering: We begin by encouraging our students to absorb and recall fundamental information, laying a strong foundation for all future learning.
  • Understanding: Moving beyond memorization, our students are guided to grasp the meanings, significance, and underlying principles of the information they learn.
  • Applying: Our teaching methodologies then focus on practical application, enabling students to use their knowledge in varied, real-world scenarios.
  • Analyzing: We cultivate critical thinking by teaching our students to break down complex concepts into understandable components, fostering deeper comprehension and analytical skills.
  • Evaluating: Our approach emphasizes the importance of judgment and decision-making, guiding students to form well-reasoned evaluations and critiques based on established criteria.
  • Creating: Finally, at the pinnacle of our educational model, we encourage creativity and innovation, inspiring our students to synthesize their learning into original ideas, solutions, and creations.

  • At Cordova International School & College, we believe that this comprehensive approach, rooted in Bloom’s Taxonomy, not only enriches the academic journey of our students but also prepares them to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, and innovative leaders in an ever-evolving global society.


    Cordova International School & College is guided and led by a distinguished group of the country’s most esteemed intellectuals. We boast a dynamic management committee that provides unwavering support to both our administration and teaching staff at all hours.

    Since our inception in 2002, these individuals have been instrumental in the consistent progress of the institution. We are profoundly grateful to them for their relentless backing. Their names are as follows:

    Advisory Council

    Prof M Harunur Rashid
    Department of English
    North South University
    Former DG.Bangla Academy

    Prof.Dr. Choudhury Mahmood Hasan
    Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
    Dhaka University
    Former Chairman
    Bangladesh Council of Scientific and
    Industrial Research(BCSIR)

    Dr.Abdur Rob
    Manarat International University
    Formar Chairman
    Bangladesh Red Cresent Society

    Engineer Alauddin Al-Azad
    Former Director
    Bangladesh Steel & Engineering Corporation

    Mr. Mosharraf Hossain
    International Scientific and
    Technical Institute (ISTI)


    Saleh Uddin Ahmed

    B.S.S (Hons) M.S.S (Economics)

    Hosne Jahan
    GCSE, A’Level, B.B.A, M.B.A

    Touhid Uddin Shoaib
    B.S.S (Hons) M.S.S (Political Science)

    Minhai Uddin Masud
    B.S.S (Hons) M.S.S (Economics)

    Nigar Sultana
    B.A, B. Ed (1st Class)

    Sabbir uddin Ahmed
    B.A (Hons) M.A (English)


    We run two concurrent academic sessions:

    • The January session begins its admission process in mid-October.
    • For the July to June session, admissions commence in mid-April.

    While the Play Group sees a significant intake of students, other classes admit students based on seat availability, arising from transfers or other factors.

    Admission Criteria

    Admission is granted based on:

    • Character assessment
    • Previous academic records
    • Personal interviews
    • Performance in the institution’s assessment tests

    Application Process

    Prospective students must apply using the prescribed form, available at the institution’s office. We invite applications in November, with the admission test scheduled for December. Enrolment concludes by the first week of January.

    July to June Session

    The Cordova Authority also oversees the admission process for the July to June session to accommodate the rising demand from guardians.


    It’s pertinent to mention that there’s no admission test for the Play Group up to KG II.

    Class Routine
    Note from the Principal

    Founded in 2001 Cordova Int’l School & College (CISC) emerged on the earth with a bizarre catchphrase i.e. getting students well educated, well human being in addition to well citizens of the country. With a view to materialising the trio focuses of its watchword this A’ level English Medium institution registered with the UK regulatory board Edexcel has framed its education system and subsequently its teaching mode to keep pace with the International standard.

    The CISC has furnished its education in line with the typical blend of the triad. Accountability, transparency and competence are the burden of speech of its striking learning. Utmost considerate and partaking has reached this feted institution towards the summit in terms of all arenas such as socio-education-politico–economic. As learning English gets imperious, morality and domestic culture develops alike prioritised which fetches education precision in the truest sense of the term. Our education comprises our own culture, history and tradition coupled with morality and modernity in toto.

    The cardinal feature of our learning system is keeping the learners under the concentrated care round the clock so as to explore the latent faculty from them over and above building them up as moral charactered men or women. The CISC has in the interim brought about trust and confidence in the minds of the students in conjunction with their parents by turning up a revolution in the field of learning with the teaching par excellence being offered by its dexterous and well qualified teaching faculty under the aegis of painstaking and proficient administration monitoring round the clock.

    English is indispensable for everybody across the globe to meet the contemporary global demand. There is no choice for anybody to sidetrack this international language in a bid to safeguard anybody’s identity as well as dignity. This institution from its very initiation is preoccupied with augmenting its quality of education to the optimum level.

    Its IGCSE & IAL results deserve ovation at home and abroad. In the meantime the British Council has exceedingly eulogised the Cordova for its student’s outstanding results in the IGCSE and IAL Examinations every year. Registered with Dhaka Education Board the renowned English Medium institution has an amusing atmosphere of extra-curricular activities like Annual picnic, Annual sports & Prize giving ceremony, English language carnival, class party, students’ day, class concluding ceremony, art competition and so on. It has a number of clubs like English Language, Science, debating clubs, Science, and computer labs. Rich library, play zone etc. are the silent fascination of the CISC.

    The Cordova’s virtual classes along with all sorts of tests stand undeniably on the world standard which is being administered on the cutting-edge but very effective Microsoft Teams.

    Concisely, Cordova Int’l School & College stays an educational institution par excellence. It is at the moment a commotion in the realm of learning all over the globe crossing the edge of our adored mother land.

    Sabbir Uddin Ahmed


    Cordova Int’l School & College


    School Opens from 7th July 2024

    Saleh Uddin Ahmed
    From the Desk of the Chairman

    Dear Parents, Students, and Esteemed Members of our Community,

    I am elated to extend a heartfelt welcome on behalf of the esteemed administration and dedicated faculty of Cordova Int’l School & College.

    Our school’s unwavering commitment to academic excellence is a well-recognised tradition in Bangladesh. This academic year, we have set forth a series of initiatives designed to ensure an enriched learning environment:

    • A balanced co-educational setting.
    • A faculty comprising tenured and profoundly experienced educators.
    • Collaborative academic support from renowned institutions in the UK.
    • Standardised enrichment activities developed by our in-house education research team.
    • Initiatives encouraging student leadership and active participation.
    • Emphasis on project-based methodologies for science and mathematics.
    • Implementation of task-based language learning systems.
    • A balanced emphasis on both formal and informal assessment strategies.
    • A robust curriculum that celebrates multiculturalism, preparing students for a global landscape.
    • A mandatory curriculum section on ICT, focusing on its practical applications.
    • Syllabus integration in association with leading schools from the UK and USA.

    Our aspirations might be lofty, yet they remain firmly within our reach. Our mission is to equip our students with the requisite skills for seamless transitions to premier global higher education institutions.

    Our institution is synonymous with academic rigour within a nurturing environment. We don’t just impart knowledge; we cultivate good citizens equipped to thrive in diverse multilingual societies. Emphasis on moral values and behavioural discipline remains paramount. We continually strive for excellence, regularly reviewing and refining our policies.

    The future of our students is our paramount concern, and we are unyielding in our commitment to facilitating pathways to success. The unwavering support and ceaseless efforts of our qualified teaching staff, combined with your invaluable cooperation, fortify our mission. As a testament to our commitment, several prominent universities from the UK, Canada, Australia, and the USA have shown interest in forming collaborative guardianships with our institution.

    In closing, my deepest gratitude goes out to all parents, supporters, and well-wishers. Your suggestions, engagement, advocacy, and kind sentiments fortify our mission daily. Here at Cordova Int’l School & College, we don’t merely view you as stakeholders but as integral members of our extended family.

    Yours sincerely,
    Saleh Uddin Ahmed
    Founder and Chairman
    Cordova Int’l School & College